Instructions & Help

Creating a BookPoints account: Create one account login for the whole family, then add individual readers.

Password Help: If you requested password assistance, you will get an email reply with a password-reset link. If you don't see a message within 10 minutes, check your spam filter as the message may have gone there. If you need further assistance during library hours, call 405-372-3633 ext 8106 for help.


  • Enter requested information for each reader you want to log reading time for.
  • For School, start typing and a list of schools will pop up. If your school is not available, try "Not Yet in School," "Local Preschool," "Not in Payne County," or "None." Adults should select "None".
  • Switch between readers on your dashboard by clicking on the appropriate person's name.

BookPoints Basics

  • Log reading time by typing the number of minutes read. You can log minutes each time you read, on a daily basis, weekly, or however you chose. We have created a paper tracker, linked below, to help keep track of the time before entering it.
  • You DO NOT have to enter the book title or author when you log time, just minutes spent reading -- unless you want to keep a record of books you've read this summer. Books you enter will be listed in the Reading Log tab at top of page.
  • Activities will earn you badges! Complete tasks on your dashboard, then claim the badge.
  • Find Secret Codes by completing adventure paths found in the Adventure Portal tab at the top of the page ---You'll get your secret code at the end of your chosen adventure.  
  • You can create a shortcut to BookPoints on your home screen by going to the share icon or options button in your browser window.                                

 Winter Reading Basics

  • The program runs from December 7 - February 15.
  • Every 300 minutes (5 hours) read, you get an entry into the end of summer grand prize drawing --- a $50 gift card to local bookstore---1 winner each for Kids, Teens, & Adults!
  • Prizes: After reading 300 minutes, you win a lanyard and your first button. Every 300 minutes after that you'll win more cool buttons to add to the lanyard (up to 20 hours.) You'll also win buttons for completing the adventure paths listed in the Adventure Portal tab at the top of the page. 
  • Contact the library if you need further help: 405-372-3633 ext 8106 or

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